Unique Perspective

Our Unique Perspective

Mark Sumpter, our founder & Principal Qualitative Consultant, brings a unique perspective to research by leveraging his experiences as a former R&D chemist, consumer insights manager, and from his day-to-day relationships with marketing and advertising organizations. 

Understanding the unique challenges each team member faces allows him to provide actionable insights that help each person successfully contribute to a project's end goals. As a veteran consultant, Mark knows how to put clients on a path toward success. He provides all the tools, guidance, and support they need to make strategic decisions, giving them a leg up on their competition.  

About Mark

Mark founded Consumer Link Moderating & Research Consulting, Inc. in 2006, and has worked as an independent Qualitative Research Consultant since that time. Prior to that, Mark gained over 15 years of research & development, quantitative, and qualitative consumer insights management experience working for leading consumer goods companies such as the Procter & Gamble Company and the Alberto Culver Company. 

Mark has extensive research experience conducting category explorations, new product ideation sessions, concept and product development, corporate and brand positioning, imagery research, advertising copy refinement, and package design research. 

Mark’s strengths lie in his ability to work with your team as a partner, so he is able to provide insights that represent consumers and recommendations which best reflect your business needs. 

A proud and active member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association ( QRCA – www.qrca.org ), Mark served as QRCA President in 2015. He currently serves as Finance and Marketing Director for the QRCA Chicago Chapter, and is Co-Chair for the 2018 QRCA Annual Conference.